Thursday, July 5, 2007


Micah Harris just looked over this story and gave me some good suggestions. This is my take on the Golden Age SF stories and (I hope) will read like Northwest Smith's adventures on Barsoom. (If you don't know Northwest Smith or Barsoom you have a treat ahead if you check them out!)

This is my first story with a female protaganist. I hope it's a reasonably successful attempt. The heroine, Cat Morgan is an homage to C.L. Moore, one of the greats of Depression era Science Fiction and one of the first women in the field. The story had been accepted for an anthology called "The Big Black" but that went away when G.W. Thomas was forced to fold Rage Machine books. (I hated to see that happen to a struggling small press, and especially to G.W. who is a good guy.)

Anyway, it's a quick polish with Micah's suggestions and off to a new home (I hope) with "Intergalactic Medicine Show" which is a neat looking magazing I've only just become aware of. Wish me luck!

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