Thursday, April 24, 2008

Various & Sundry

Nano-Domini is in! The final TOC for ROBOTS BEYOND is up and I'm in it. That's fun and it's great to be in an anthology with so many friends. Bobbie and Leah didn't make it, which is too bad, but they are both up about finding good markets. Given the quality of the stories, I think that's justified. Richard was hopeful about the anthology too but the deadline came too fast.

Here's the final TOC:

1. Brannan/Electric Crown
2. Wong/The Last Protector
3. Sexton (as Holton)/Franchise Hell
4. Stiles/Burning Down the House
5. Lynn/Tinman
6. Carl/Crocus
7. Bishop/Narrative Device
8. Dunwoody/Other Dreams
9. Reynolds/The Strange Affair of the Artisan's Heart
10. Riley/Surveillance
11. Mosses/Primero
12. Donahue/The Cure
13. Lynch/Hothead
14. Oliver/How Coyote Made Robot
15. Sutherland/Again, Iabrochium
16. Adamson/Be Swift, My Soul
17. Jones/A Robot Named J35U5
18. Baugh/Nano-Domini
19. Wojtowicz/Are You Lonesome Tonight?

Rats! Looking at this I see there are no first names :(

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Thom Brannan said...

FIRST NAMES~! (kinda)
1. Thomas
4. Paula
5. J.A.
8. David
9. Joshua
10. R. Thomas
14. John WARHAMMER~!!!111
16. Lane
18. Matthew (a-DUR!)
19. Douglas P.

I don't know the rest. And congrats, Matthew, really. NANO-DOMINI is probably the finest thing I've read of yours.