Saturday, September 6, 2008

Big Update

I am not so great as a blogger :(

Since our last thrilling episode a few things have happened.

1) TALES OF ZORRO is out! Yay!
2) FIELD GUIDE OF SURREAL BOTANY is out! I'm eager looking forward to getting my copy.
3) My story was accepted for THE AVENGER CHRONICLES.
4) I wrote something experimental for HAUNTED LEGENDS. It was rejected but I have hopes it can make it in another market.
5) My story for MORE TALES OF ZORRO wasn't approved, but the hints seem to indicate it could work with the right sort of re-writing.
6) I wrote something I feel pretty good about for THE WORLD IS DEAD. That's an anthology of zombie fiction edited by Kim Paffenroth who is a professor of religion and horror author. (I feel less alone in the world).

I'm also at work on a project with my friend Leah Clarke, it's kind of Charles Dickens meets H.P. Lovecraft in the post-apocalyptic future. I just read Leah's first draft of chapter 1 and it's fantastic! (It's good to colaborate with talented people like her, they make me look good by association. On that note I'm looking forward to colaborations with Micah, John, and Bobbie in the near future.)

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