Monday, December 22, 2008

More Snow

I was out again tonight (on my new tire:)) and saw something I haven't seen in years. As I was walking into the library I could see the air sparkling around me.

I could feel a few pin-point stings of cold on my skin and I'm guessing this was a form of snow, as if there were tiny ice-crystals, too small to be seen until they caught the light just right. it was amazing and magical, whatever it was. the air seemed cold and clear otherwise, and I could only see the sparkles our of the corner of my eyes.

It made me think of another snowstorm I was in a few years ago. I was driving up to Flagstaff and came through an area where the big puffy flakes were falling thickly. But the western sky was clear and the sun was setting and it painted the falling snow a vivid orange. it was like driving through falling specks of fire.

It is amazing to see, even under the most prosaic conditions, and sometimes, it outdoes all else for mystic beauty.

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