Monday, October 25, 2010

Winter Special

I'm doing a short, but historic, prose story for Moonstone's Captain Action Winter Special.

"Reflections in Green" will feature the first ever crossover story of Captain Action and the Green Hornet.

The story is a lot of fun to write (though I keep wanting to make it longer than the format will allow). It's also nostalgic for me as I can remember when both characters came out in 1966. Captain Action was the original superhero action figure, and my favorite toy. The Green Hornet was right up there with Batman and Star Trek as my favorite TV show, though, sadly, it went away after one season.

There's another connection besides my childhood fandom. The Captain Action toy had a set of disguises you could buy to transform him into a whole variety of superheroes including The Green Hornet.

It's amazing the cool ways things come together sometimes.

The story is still in progress but here is the cover by the talented Reuben Procopio.

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