Saturday, December 3, 2011

Two For Sale!

I just learned that two new anthologies with stories of mine are available for sale.

TALES OF THE SHADOWMEN: AGENTS PROVOCATEURS is available for sale. it can also be ordered at Amazon.

My story, Don Camillo and the Secret Weapon is a light-hearted adventure set in Cold War Italy. Rival spies chasing a doomsday weapon find that rules in the Po Valley are different from what they expected.

I've recently become a fan of the Don Camillo stories of Giovanni Gaureschi, which tell the comic adventures of a country priest and his struggles against the Communist mayor of his little town. My tale can't hold a candle to Guareschi's magical stories but I hope it is a fitting homage.

In other news, THE TRIGGER REFLEX is available at the Pill Hill Press website.

This is the second volume in Pill Hill's Monster Hunter Hunter set of anthologies and features my montster hunting gunslinger, Mysterious Dave Mather in a story called Damned Pretty Woman. Dave is sent to kill the pretty new schoolmarm of a little western town because of her occult connections. When he meets her he finds that things are not what they seem...they are far more dangerous.

Happy reading!

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