Friday, May 24, 2013

Times of Trouble

Two more stories of mine are out. My story "Rabid Season" is in the long-awaited Times of Trouble from Permuted Press. The collection is edited by Lane Adamson and includes some seriously impressive talent. Authors include: Peter Clines – Craig DiLouie – Brian P. Easton – Stan Timons – Jason S. Hornsby – Thom Brannon and Rob Pegler – Lane Adamson - Stephen Gaskell - David Gullen - Michael C. Lea - Jeff Drake - Rakie Kieg - Aaron Polson - Wayne Helge - Frank Farrar - Mark Harding - Joshua Reynolds - Timothy Martinez - Ruth Nestvold - Gregory L. Norris and Frank Summers.

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Lane Adamson said...

"Rabid Season" is the most hilariously bleak thing I've read since WAITING FOR GODOT. Who knew silly could be so grim?