Friday, June 22, 2007

More Submissions

I've been submitting mostly to anthologies to date and haven't cracked the professional magazine market. I recently sent "Trail of the Brujo" (Mysterious Dave again) to Weird Tales so I've got my fingers crossed. It's a revival of the great Weird Tales of the pulp era that gave people like Robert E. Howard, Seabury Quinn, and H.P. Lovecraft their start in writing. It would be a thrill to be published under that title.

I'm revising "Yasuke," which is my stab at old fashioned space opera, to sent to Intergalactic Medicine show It's a long story (9,000 + words) that was accepted to an anthology called "The Big Black II." Unfortunately that anthology went away when Rage Machine books folded.

There's a story a wrote a while back called "Horse Latitudes" inspired by the Jim Morrison poem. It's starts as an adventure story but moved to something unearthly and dreamlike. (I haven't done that before. I hope it comes across the way I want it to. There's a new anthology called Clockwork Phoenix this might be good for so I'll be polishing it for that.

Submitting stories is getting easier but I still have a big hollow feeling in my story every time i do it.

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