Monday, February 16, 2009

When is a Rejection Not a Rejection

I received my nicest letter ever today telling me why a story I've submitted will not see print. I'd sent a story to "Tales of the Gun" sometime back on the recommendation of a friend who thought it was what they were looking for. It turns out she was right, they really liked the story. Unfortunately, they have not received enough quality submissions to allow them to move ahead with he project.

It's a shame on several levels. First, because my story needs a new potential home (and this one has really made the rounds). Secong because I really liked the sound of the 'zine these folks were putting together. Mention that you want to publish stories like Manly Wade Wellman used to write and you've got my respect.

I wish them well.


Bobbie Metevier said...

Sorry to hear that, Matthew, but you know it's a quality story and I know they would have taken it if they were going to move ahead with the anthology.

Hmmm are you feeling ambitious? This is the part where you could send them a query and ask if they'd be interested in a collection based around the story/character you've written . . .

While this probably isn't the place to say so, something is horribly wrong with my Yahoo email. I'm getting only half my mails, according to irate family. And when I try to open the ones I do have I get a message that says: This program is not responding. . . then something about whether or not I'd like them to send me an error report.

I see that you sent one called Lead, but I can't open it!

Matthew Baugh said...

Maybe you should set up a g-mail account. They've got a goog reputation for reliability and are free.

Matthew Baugh said...

They've also got a *good reputation

Catherine J Gardner said...

That is both wonderful and awful all at the same time.