Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I just finished the first draft of "What Rough Beast" for Tales of the Shadowmen, Vol 7. It's easily the most violent story I've ever written, though I had a reason for that. I wanted to show the ugliness of rationalizing violence. The central character is a very violent man who doesn't realize how close he is to the mindset of his worst enemies. While this is basically just an adventure story with horror elements, I hope that aspect comes across.

In other news I heard from the editor of the TIMES OF TROUBLE anthology that my story made round two! He asked for dark and grim stories of time travel cone wrong and I wrote something called "The Cwoss Time Twaveler" which incorporates Wile E. Coyote gadgets into a story that the editor says made him laugh out loud.

It usually doesn't work to write against expectations like this, but sometimes...

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Lane Adamson, editor-TIMES OF TROUBLE said...

It worked to a T. Another acceptance for you in 2010. Congratulations!