Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Avenger Chronicles

I got my contributor copies from Joe Gentile today!

Joe and I share that we read this series when we were young and loved it. The Avenger is Rivchard Henry Benson, a pulp hero who is the combination of super athlete, super inventor, and super detective (think Batman without the spiffy costume). His wife and daughter were presumed murdered by criminals and he vowed to protect others from the same sort of loss. The terrible shock of losing hs loved ones also turned Benson's hair and face white and gave him an odd paralysis that allows him to mold his flesh like clay. This makes him a natural master of disguise.

I haven't read the stories yet but an impressed by the talent they have brought in. I'm excited to have my story "In Forgetfulness Divine" (many thanks to Richard for the title and overall help with this one) alongside the sotries of such talented authors. The list is:
Tom DeFalco
Win Scott Eckert (an old friend!)
Joe Gentile (A newer friend!)
Clay and Susan Griffith
Ron Goulart (Who worked on the Avenger paperbacks in the 70's!)
CJ Henderson
Howard Hopkins
Paul Kupperberg
Max McCoy
Christopher Mills
Will Murray
Mel Odom
Gary Phillips
Martin Powell
Robert Randisi
James Reasoner
Richard Dean Starr (A friend and colaborator with all kinds of Moonstone projects!)
& Dan Wickline.

It's strange and humbling to work on a character I loved as a kid! It's amazing to see it out in print.


Win Scott Eckert said...

Aaarrggh! You got your contributor copies already??!

I am *so* jealous! :-)

It is a strange and wonderful feeling to say we've written for one of Street & Smith's "big three" pulp heroes, that we've had a chance to be "Kenneth Robeson." I'm indebted to the folks at Moonstone for giving me the chance -- and for my pal Martin Powell for putting in a good word. :-)


Bobbie Metevier said...

Congratulations, Matthew!

Now don't forget about the "other" awesome news!

Matthew Baugh said...

LOL! I'm looking to reading the final version of your story, Win!

And Bobbie, I'm posting that now!