Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Et tu Brutarian?

Horse Latitudes is fresh back from Brutarian. This one wasn't bad as rejections go, in fact the letter was positively friendly, and the response time was excellent. I'm going to ask a friend to kick the tires and listen to the engine, and then it's off to Realms of Fantasy.

Leah and I are doing some retuning on Panzersloth as well with a publication called Daikaijuzine in mind. There's something kind of fitting in sending a giant monster story to a magazine that has the Japanese word for giant monster in the title.

And (with fear and trembling) The Beauty Thief goes in the mail to Cemetery Dance tomorrow. I've looked at some of the names that have published there and it is daunting. The flip side is that getting published there would be a huge coup (and they pay money, which is always nic).

So fly free little stories! Find good homes, and don't forget me.

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