Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Welcome to My Blog


I've already got a blog over at journalscape (I'll link to it as soon as I figure out how) but that one's meant to be serious. This is about writing.

I'm a writer of speculative fiction and I don't like to try and pigeonhole it any more than that. I've been writing the kind of stories that I've always loved, fast moving, adventurous, and filled with things that don't exist in the mundane world. My stories are populated with magic, elder horrors, monsters, and alien beings. I've been fortunate to have been published in a number of places. Here's the quick bibliography.

"Mask of the Monster" in TALES OF THE SHADOWMEN vol. 1

"Ex Calce Liberatus" in TALES OF THE SHADOWMEN vol. 2

"The Heart of the Moon" in TALES OF THE SHADOWMEN vol. 3

"Zorro: the Legacy of the Fox" (essay) in MYTHS FOR THE MODERN AGE

"Mysterious Dan's Legacy" in ARKHAM TALES

"Fool's Gold" in HELL'S HANGMEN

"The Cold Comes South" in IN LOVECRAFT'S SHADOW Vol 1.

All but the last two are also available through Amazon but the links are so darned long :(

That's probably enough for now. This is mainly a test of this nifty blogspace anyway.