Thursday, March 27, 2008

Have You Ever...

Ever written something and thought... "Well, at least I'm done" and then gotten back an amazing response?

I finished my most spiritually ambitious piece of writing this week. "Nano-Domini" is the story of a medical nanobot and his developing relationship with the scientist whose body he shares. It's meant to parallel the relationship of God and humanity from an unusual perspective.

I was worried about it being too preachy (it might stll be just a bit) and it felt clunky as I was writing it. I ran it past my writer's group thinking I would probably get some kind words about how not every story can be your best.

The responses I've gotten back have been better than to anything else I've ever submitted there(!) I'm floored and surprised (very pleasantly so) to get the comments I'm getting, and from people whose opinions I really respect and value!

Something went right and I'm really tickled about it! Now I get to be nervous about my story making the ROBOTS BEYOND cut.

Leah says that things look hopeful for her story (a wonderfully creepy/funny Lovecraftean tale with robots) and I got an advance look at the rewrite of Bobbie's Civil War robots story (which was very good before and is amazing now). It would be so cool if we all made it!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

New Projects

I'm in the Holy Week crunch at church (easily the busiest week in my year) and desperately behind. I'd still like to write something for the ROBOTS BEYOND collection. I've got enough friends in there that it'd be a treat to be published alongside them.

Doug Wojtowicz, John Oliver, Thom Brannan. I suspect Lane Adamson's nifty robotis take on John Steinbeck will make it too and have my fingers crossed for two very nice stories by Bobbie Metevier and Leah Clarke.

I'm taking a couple of days off next week. With any luck I can do a robots story, do some major plotting for a Stargate novel Richard Dean Starr and I are hoping to get accepted, then there's another mysterious Dave story I want to finish for Gods and Monsters and some mythology research for the novel I'm planning with Leah(!)

How is it I'm sugddenly working on two novels? I'll need a miracle to get it all done.

Friday, March 7, 2008

The Avenger

I'm doing a couple of other colaborations for Moonstone's THE AVENGER CHRONICLES with Richard Starr. These weren't meant as colaborations originally. Richard was pressed for time so I helped him with his story "Tides of Justice" and he returned the favor with my story "Images of Yesterday".

I'm looking forward to this collection with great anticipation! I'm also enjoying all the opportunities that Moonstone is talking about coming up. They're publishing new adventures of many of my all time favorite characters and that's very exciting to be involved in, plus Richard and Joe have been great to work for. :)


I'm doing my first intentional colaboration on a short story. "Panzersloth" will be a submission for the Giant Creatures anthology that Permuted Press is putting together. I'm working with Leah Clarke who is a delight to work with. (Note to self: Choosing a writing partner who is very talented, has a compatable sense of humor, and is fun to work with is a good strategy!)

The story involves a giant pangolin (that's a rare mammel that looks like a cross between an anteater and an armadillo) that attacks Chicago. It's (mostly thanks to Leah) the funniest story I've ever worked on.