Thursday, March 31, 2011


Because I don't update this silly thing enough.

First, good news on the weird westerns front. The long delayed TALES FROM THE CAULDRON is moving ahead again with a new editor. That means that "Trail of the Brujo" should see print in the near future. That is a story in which gunfighter and monster-hunter Mysterious Dave Mather takes on a centuries old sorcerer. Also, another Mysterious Dave story called "Wolfers" has been picked up by LEATHER, DENIM AND SILVER: LEGENDS OF THE MONSTER HUNTERS.

Also, MORE TALES OF ZORRO is out from Moonstone and the book looks great. It features two stories of mine, "Zorro and the Bruja" and my collaboration with Richard Dean Starr, "Just Like Magic."

If you notice a similarity in a couple of the titles (eg Brujo/Bruja) that's not accidental, but I'll leave you to figure out what metafictional connection there could be.