Friday, May 24, 2013

Also Just Out

Roaring Heart of the Crucible, Moonstone Books' third anthology of stories featuring the Avenger, is out. It's so new I haven't even had time to read my contributors' copy yet. My story, "The Iron Phantom", was a lot of fun to write, and includes the appearance of some other characters who I think will make fans of classic pulp adventures happy. More on this soon.

Times of Trouble

Two more stories of mine are out. My story "Rabid Season" is in the long-awaited Times of Trouble from Permuted Press. The collection is edited by Lane Adamson and includes some seriously impressive talent. Authors include: Peter Clines – Craig DiLouie – Brian P. Easton – Stan Timons – Jason S. Hornsby – Thom Brannon and Rob Pegler – Lane Adamson - Stephen Gaskell - David Gullen - Michael C. Lea - Jeff Drake - Rakie Kieg - Aaron Polson - Wayne Helge - Frank Farrar - Mark Harding - Joshua Reynolds - Timothy Martinez - Ruth Nestvold - Gregory L. Norris and Frank Summers.